Retail Environments

  • Create a safer shopping experience for consumers with our easy to use Thermal scanner. 
  • Easy detection of individuals with EBT allows for further screening of virus specific diagnostic tests.  
  • Multi point systems available for retail environments allowing for seamless integration and easy installation

Industrial Applications

  • Help make your warehouse a safer place to work with the installation of a Thermal Scanning system.
  • Identify workers who have Elevated Body Temperature prior to the start of your work day.
  • Our easy to use system can help your warehouse run smooth and prevent the spread of infectious disease throughout your work force.

Events & Public Gatherings

  • Increase attendance at your events by gaining the confidence of your event attendees with the installation of a Thermal Scan System.
  • Quick and easy setup time makes our product ideal for mobile activation.
  • Monitor event attendees EBT  at registration prior to gaining access to your event.

Public Transportation

  • Create a safe ride for buses, trains, subways and airports with our thermal scanning system.
  • Our system is easy to integrate into your day to day making us a plug and play solution for your business.
  • Multiple unit discounts available for  large installments.