Creating Safe Environments

Discreet and Portable 

Thermal Scan’s mission is to make high traffic environments safer. Through the use of our proprietary software we have created a monitoring system that measures the skin temperature of audiences operating in our controlled space. Designed for mass screening of high pedestrian areas such as airports, cruise terminals, train stations, factories/warehouses, event venues and other public places we are able to minimize the exposure and spread of potential disease by identifying people who have EBT (Elevated Blood Temperature). Individuals who are identified as having EBT can then be selected for further screening for infectious disease.

Protection Against a Hidden Enemy

In today’s fast paced society there is a new hidden enemy that is trying to disrupt our way of life. This new enemy is  infectious disease crossing both national and international borders in a matter of hours. Infectious disease has now become a major threat to society. SARS, Bird Flu and Swine Flu, H1N1, Ebola Virus and now Coronavirus (COVID-19), have affected millions of people and businesses around the world.   
Thermal Scan USA with its proprietary scanning system hopes to help mitigate the transfer of infectious disease with our unobtrusive screening process. By creating a controlled environment in which we can accurately monitor human body temperature we are able to limit the spread of infectious disease.   

Temperature Monitoring System

High Quality Services at an Affordable Price

  • Easy Installation
  • Onscreen Alerts & Contact Free
  • Visible Temperature Tracking
  • Indentify indivuals with EBT
  • Easy to use interface